I have a new obsession and one I can’t get enough of…taco trucks!! So yummy and so cheap!
I had my first experience with a roach coach when I was in college, nothing like a brown lunch bag full of crinkle cut fries and warm ketchup for that mid-afternoon pick-me-up. (Unless of course, it is 12 years later and those fries don’t burn off as easily :/ now it’s..pass me that pear, please.)
Now,those aforementioned 12 years later, I have rediscovered these tacolicious trucks! I found one in my city that was across from a thrift store (location, location, location) and for $4.50 bought three carne asada tacos. The kind with two shells and that salsa-stuff on top (what is that called?). Shared them with my company and it wasn’t enough, we were left wanting more! But…alas, was a tiny bit broke that day. I vowed to come back.

Last month, or so I took a trip to Benicia and actually planned my sightseeing around a taco truck I had located on Yelp.  After going on a walk to see the Mothball Fleet, we loaded up in my car and headed straight away to the delicious tacos I knew were waiting. Was not disappointed! Bought two huge bean and cheese burritos, two carne asada tacos, again with the two corn shells and the pico de gallo (wait is that what that salsa is called?)and an authentic Coke in a bottle for $10.50, drove to the nearest pier and had an impromptu picnic. Aaaaahhhh!! Contented sigh…

As soon as a went home I looked on Yelp again for all the taco trucks in my area and promptly bookmarked it. I am now on a quest to go to each and every one. Mmmmm…my mouth is watering now and stomach just growled, seriously. Is 9:30 too early for lunch?