A day two days late but not two dollars short. Hehe.

No, seriously I have been wanting to blog about my cooking “adventures” for a while now. I am new to the kitchen, just this year in fact. For New Years I vowed to cook more and since I am adventurous and like trying new things I also decided to cook a new recipe at least once a week. And guess what? I am now sharing that with you. Aren’t you excited?! I will tell you where I got the recipe, what I substituted, how much ingredients cost and finally the outcome.

This weeks recipe comes from Cooking Light, August 2010 edition. (Oh, on that subject, I am reading a new magazine once a week from the library and this week was brought to you by the letter “C”!). I leafed through the mag, silently picked three recipes then asked my two daughters to pick three recipes themselves. We all happened to pick this one. Finally, something we all agree on!

Nuevo Cubano by Mark Bittman
wheat rolls (substituted a french loaf, cut into thirds)-$1.48
cilantro – already had some
lime – .24
chili powder – already had
garlic cloves – .48
black beans (substituted pinto beans as I hate black beans) – 1.79
deli ham (substituted honey ham) – 2.57
mango – 1.98
provolone – 4.45
olive oil – already had
TOTAL = 12.99 and fed three people (used the provolone and ham later in the week)

So basically you whip the beans and spices in the blender or food processor, hollow out top half of bread put the bean mixture on the bottom half, layer ham, mango and cheese , then cook it in heated olive oil 2-3 minutes on each side. The recipe recommends putting a cast iron skillet on top of the sandwich to press it together and give it a nice baked look.

Overall, the sandwich was pretty good. My daughters did not like the bean mixture. I added too much garlic so it ended up really garlicky and there was not enough mango. I recommend two mangos so that you can add liberally and at the end of the sandwich you aren’t left with just bread and beans.  I would definitely cook this again, just with less garlic and more mango.

p.s. I drank this with a Coors, that’s where the beer comes in. 🙂