The recipe I picked for this week was Mushroom Ravioli in Spring Vegetable Stock which is in the Williams & Sonoma Fresh and Light cookbook. The pictures look very elegant and make it seem almost intimidating! But once you dive in and read the directions it really is not that bad. My only complaint is that there are a lot of recipes that have seafood or squash, neither of which am I a fan of. (C wants to do a seafood recipe one time, I say “cook it at your mom’s”!)

Leafing through it, my eye (stomach?) was caught by the ravioli dish and an Herb-Crusted Beef Medallions with Zinfadel-Shallot Sauce dish.  Beings as how I couldn’t decide I then decided to sleep on it.

The next day I woke up with a headache, sore throat and just generally feeling blah. Looking through the book one more time before shopping my stomach kinda turned at the thought of eating meat, or maybe it was the fact that the recipe called for filet mignon which I did not see the night before. So…that’s how I came about making the Mushroom Ravioli.


1/4 cup shallots – already had one left over
1/4 lb shiitake mushrooms
1/4 fresh oyster mushrooms
1 package enoki mushrooms – ok…when i got to the store they had none of these mushrooms so I substituted:
crimini mushrooms – .80
bella mushrooms – 1.88
3/4 tsp dried thyme – already have
3 tablespoons herbed goat cheese – 2.58 for a package
4 tbls chives – didn’t use
gyoza wrappers – 2.08
4 cups vegetable stock – being as i didn’t feel good and it’s fall i used:
Chicken stock – .50 – didn’t buy enough so had to use a chicken boillon cube too
asparagus – 2.98
TOTAL: $10.82 feed two. We could have shared or even froze some but…

You chop the shallots and all the mushrooms. Saute the shallots first then add the mushrooms and thyme, salt and pepper and saute some more until they are golden brown, takes about 6-8 minutes total.

Transfer to a bowl and add the goat cheese and chives then let it cool. We had bought an herbed goat cheese so I didn’t feel it was necessary to add the chives.

mmmm...goat cheese...

Aside: I am a big fan of goat cheese now! It was absolutely delicious just right out of the package. A was watching us cook and we gave him a bite of the cheese, WOW! Did he ever enjoy it! He kept asking for “more peees.” It was cute and I am glad that he enjoyed it. As for B and R they turned up their noses once they saw what was on the menu. lol. They got something else instead.

OK, once the mixture has cooled you take out the gyoza wrappers and place a good mound in the middle then fold it over and seal it up with a dab of water around the edges. I have never used these wrappers before,  I don’t know what I have been waiting for as they are easy, inexpensive and very versatile, oh and they taste good too. I might not have used the exact kind of wrapper but the recipe basically called for a round pasta-type wrapper. I will use these again and again.

doesn't look too appetizing...yet...

there we go!

After this bring your broth to a simmer then add half the ravioli and the asparagus tips (here’s where they came in) and cook for about 1 1/2-2 minutes just until tender.

Transfer to a bowl, repeat with the remaining raviolis and asparagus. Then sit down and enjoy!

yum, yum

This was very good. It was outside of my comfort zone with the all the mushrooms and asparagus but I really did enjoy it. The broth made me feel better and the raviolis were delicious! Perfectly cooked and not a thing wrong this time.  Maybe that’s why there where none left…..

Now that I know what goat cheese is all about I am excited to go back and try the Caramelized Red Onion Soup with Goat Cheese Crostini. Sounds just right for a rainy day.

p.s…Dessert…chow mein spiders I made three days after Halloween! lol

does it look like a spider? I think some kind of weird blob thing